Fien & Teun Gaan Kamperen

Go camping with Fien and Teun and all their animal friends in this brand new cinema adventure full of new and cheerful songs! When Fien and Teun find a tent in the hayloft, mom and dad let them camp in nature. With full backpacks, a picnic basket and a lot of jitters in their stomachs, the farmer and farmer's wife set off. Along the way, Fien and Teun soon meet new animal friends. Putting up a tent alone is not that easy. And then their friends from home start asking for attention too! But hey, farm animals can't camp... or can they?

Genres: Animation


Réalisateur: Matthias Temmermans


Durée: 30 min.

Qualité: HD

Année: 2023

IMDb rating 7