Kawin Kontrak

Three teenagers look for village girls to have temporary marriages or a "marriage by contract". They are well prepared with Cialis, Viagra, and even rubber bands. Jody, who likes older women, has a "marriage by contract" with Teh Euis, a pretty widow with one child. Dika, who likes it rough, has a "marriage by contract" with Rani who is tough at hitting mattresses when cleaning it, while Rama, who is very picky, is head over heels with Isa’s gentleness and natural beauty. But there is still a long way to go before their mission (to have sex) is accomplished. The sexy Teh Euis always comes up with ridiculous reasons at the "critical" moments while Rani’s feistiness hides a secret; and Isa’s gentleness is threatened by a wicked plan. It is a comic and sensual adventure and the three "heroes" find the feeling that has been behind their raging hormones: love.